Tax Services

Our firm has the resources, experience, and depth of knowledge to offer the following income tax preparation services to both individuals and businesses. We will deliver the services you need in a professional, fast, and cost-efficient manner.

Tax Preparation
Our firm offers professional preparation of all federal, state, and local income tax returns at competitive, affordable rates. We offer Electronic Filing for your federal and state returns for fast refunds as part of our tax preparation service. We Prepare income tax returns for all States, Federal 1040, Federal 1065, Federal 1120 and 1120-s as well as all State LLC, partnership and corporation returns. Estate tax returns form 706, Gift Tax returns form 709; and charitable organizations form 990.

We also prepare NJ Estate (IT-Estate) and NJ IT-R Inheritance tax returns.

IRS and State/Local Representation
Problems with the IRS or the State Division of Taxation? We can help you through the audit nightmare and provide you with our 24 plus years of expertise in the area of tax return issues.

Accounting Services
Our Firm offers a complete range of accounting services, including receivables, payables, and payroll management. We prepare financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for use by banks, investors, and other third parties. Our firm will also prepare custom financial reports for internal, managerial use. We set up Accounting systems such as Quickbooks and provide training and support for everyday accounting issues. Consolidations and external reporting are our expertise as well.

Private Equity Accounting Services (PE Accounting)

We offer a full range of PE Fund accounting services. Whether the Fund is just starting out or has an established history, we are experts in the field of PE Fund Administration.

Following are some of the services we provide to our Fund clients:

Compliance at Federal and State level - reporting including form 1065 (partnership returns) for the Funds and K1 forms for each investor in the Fund. All our accounting and tax work is prepared in house. We do not outsource your information so your information remains secure. Federal and State returns and forms 1099 filing all prepared in house.

Treasury and Cash Management - for each Fund Management Co, and GP. This includes the capital contribution process, including notification to investors of any Capital call required. Bank account management and reporting of compliance to the GP.

Cash Disbursement Management -calculation of all cash distributions for the Fund per the LPA.

Accounting services – Quarterly and Annual Financial statement preparation for the Fund, Management Co and GP. Creation of and maintenance of the General Ledger and disbursement journal for the Fund, Management Co and GP. Calculation of quarterly partner allocations. Discussion and review with the GP as required.

Reporting on Fund Performance – Creation of quarterly and annual Fund performance reports for investors along with distribution to investors. Maintain investor contact lists for each Fund.

Independent Audit Support – We supply the Fund’s external auditors with all required work papers, General Ledger reports, disbursements journal, cash receipts journal and transaction history. We review audit schedules and findings with the GP and distribute final reports to investors.

Fund Performance review – We calculate the internal rate of return (IRR) and the total value paid in (TVPI); distibutions to paid in (DPI); return value paid in (RVPI).

Investor Relations – We provide maintenance of the Intralinks and eShares investor portals as required. Email is also available as an option.

Quickbooks setup, training and guidance
We provide full service Quickbooks accounting set up, training and guidance. We can get your business up and running on Quickbooks in about an hour, including training you on the basic accounting tools within the software.

Buying & Selling a Business
Our firm will guide you through the evaluation process, review of the prospective financials and the tax work to give you the insight to make the right offer for the business you are considering purchasing. Due dilligence is key in consideration of the amount to offer, as well as the ability of the business to stand on its own and pay the liabilities incurred from operations. Do not go blind into such a decision without consulting our experts first.

Sales Tax Services
Our firm prepares all sales tax filings and offers full sales tax audit representation.

Estate Planning
Our firm provides full estate planning services. We will develop your plan with you and guide you in the selection of the investments for your plan. We do not sell you on mutual funds or stocks. We will give you the guidance and assistance to make informed decisions and execute your plan to your best advantage without the high cost of commissions for investment vehicles.

Tax Planning
Our firm continuously monitors federal, state, and local tax law changes to allow its clients to minimize current and future tax liabilities. If necessary, we can implement tailor-made due-date tax compliance monitoring systems to prevent costly interest and penalty assessments attributable to late filing. Of course, we offer full tax preparation and filing services.

Payroll Services
We support the use of payroll services and we encourage clients to do their own payroll or use a service such as ADP or Paychex. We do provide assistance and guidance on all payroll reporting issues.

Estate, Gift and Trust Tax Return Preparation
Our company offers preparation of all gift and estate tax returns for all states and the Federal government.We provide assistance and quidance in estate planning issues as well.

Tax Services
We provide all Types of Tax services. All tax issues are discussed and worked through on a personal level. Tax preparation and tax consulting services are available.

Forensic Accounting
Our firm offers tailor-made forensic accounting services as well as expert testimony. We are often consulted during matrimonial disputes and partnership dissolutions to provide business valuation services and uncover malfeasance and financial irregularities.

Retirement Planning
It is never too early to start planning for retirement. If you want to live the same lifestyle--or an even better one--than you do now, you need to start planning for retirement...NOW. We can analyze your projected income and expenses and suggest investment funding techniques to help you make sure that your golden years 10, 20, and even 50 years from now live up to your expectations.

Bankruptcy is one of the most frightening words to hear when you are running a business. However, Our firm will help you through the entire ordeal while guiding you the maze of financial and tax implications that arise. We will also consult with you regarding the benefits of reorganization or the possible necessity of dissolution.

Expert Witness Services
Our firm offers expert witness testimony in the areas of business valuation, accounting malpractice and other matters requiring forensic accounting expertise.

Computer Consulting
Computer consulting includes Quickbooks, Quicken, Peachtree, MYOB, and many more. We will be happy to provide professional guidance through the selection and set up process

Mergers & Acquisitions
Our firm are experienced Mergers and Acquisitions counselors that can help you perform all requisite financial analysis and due diligence. We will help guide you through alternative financing, financial disclosure, non-compete agreements and a myriad of other M & A considerations.

Financial Planning
Our firm offers a complete array of financial planning services and will work closely with you to help you achieve your financial goals. We can assist you in the proper selection of insurance coverage including Key man life insurance, disability and health insurance packages.

Management Advisory Services
Our firm offers complete management advisory services, including systems implementation and management, cost controls, employee benefit plan restructuring, and much more.

Investment Review
Our firm will perform a custom portfolio analysis and review the risks and returns of specific investments including stocks, bonds, REITs, and limited partnerships. We will also determine an optimal asset allocation for you by taking your unique personal and financial goals and resources into account.

Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis
Our firm offers expert cash flow and budgeting analyses that can help you minimize cost overruns, lost purchase discounts, and uncollectable receivables. Many of our clients state that these value-added services are indispensable.

Our firm provides full-charge bookkeeping services, including general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, and receivables and payables tracking and analysis.

Business Succession Planning
Selling of your business and planning for the next career or retirement is one of our unique specialties. We will guide you through the decision process.

Accounting Software Selection
Our 19 years of expertise can guide you in the search for a software solution for your accounting needs. We have worked with software in the accounting industry for over a decade.

Financial Statements
Our firm prepares professional, GAAP-compliant financial statements as well as tailor-made financial analyses that can help business owners and managers eliminate inefficiency and realize a businesss full profit potential.

Consulting Services
Our company offers a wide range of consulting services to help you improve business operations, boost efficiency, and increase the bottom line.

Reviews and Compilations
Our firm offers full Review and Compilation services for small to medium sized firms.

Business Valuations
Our firm provides cost-effective business valuation services, quickly and efficiently.

International Taxation
Whether your business is considering overseas expansion or is looking to qualify for tax-advantaged treatment under NAFTA, our international tax services can help you understand how foreign tax laws can affect your business.