Tax Prep list, For your form 1040 and State tax return prep!

Please be sure to bring a copy of your prior year's returns (Federal 1040 and your prior year state returns).For new clients only - for existing clients we have your prior year info of course.

If you received State unemployment, you will need to print off the State 1099G form indicating the total amount of funds received. You need to be sure to include your Federal 600 and or 300 amount for each of the weeks you collected.

For returns e-filed - new safety measures - We will need your drivers license for identity purposes, both you and your spouse if filing joint!

Income: Gather all your information regarding the income you received. Your sources of income may include one or more of the following:

Savings account interest
Checking account interest
Mutual fund interest
Sale of real estate (second home)
Consulting fees
Self employment income
Stock dividends
Cap gain from sale of stock
Sales of bonds
Insurance policy dividends
Savings plan withdrawals
IRA withdrawals
Pension account withdrawals
Social Security income
Annuity income
Gambling winnings
Lottery winnings
Estate and Trust income
Partnership income
Rental property income
Small Business income
Sub S Corp. income
LLC income
Capital Gains on funds
Prizes and awards

Expenses and deductions: Self Employed - Do not forget your Insurance provider forms for 2020, we will need the forms from your insurance company to calculate your coverage credits, if any. Forms are 1095 A or B or C depending on your type of coverage. 1095A is for you if you purchased health coverage on the ACA website, 1095B is from private plan providers and 1095C is for ALE - applicable large employers whom offer health insurance as part of their benefits plans.

Your deductible expenses may include one or more of the following:

Home mortgage interest (now just primary residence and one other home (vacation home or RV)
Real estate taxes - max amount including state income taxes, is 10,000.
Second mortgage interest or Home equity interest
Boat loan interest
Mobile home interest
Investment interest
Professional journals / subscriptions - eliminated for 6 years until 2025 or act of Congress reinstatement
Prescription drug expenses
Medical expenses and medical insurance premiums / supplemental policies, medicare etc.
Job search expenses - resumes, postage, mileage interviews, internet sites, job boards, etc - eliminated
Rental property expenses
Tax preparation fees - eliminated
Charitable donations, make sure you obtain a letter if you donate more than 250 in funds. And if over 500 in clothing / goods
Loss on sale of securities (up to 3,000 per year write off)
State and local taxes - maximum deduction is 10,000 including your real estate taxes.
Moving expenses - only for military and certain Government workers
Gambling losses (to the extent of winnings)
Casualty losses - capped starting in 2018 - has to be a disaster
Personal vehicle use in business - eliminated
Qualified Education expenses - tuition books and fees - income limited deduction, 80,000 single and 180,000 married filing joint.
Childcare expenses
State and Local Sales taxes (Made permanent in 2015), Capped at $10,000 for Schedule A.

Some of the above items are subject to a percentage of gross income, others are restricted to income, such as gambling losses offset against gambling winnings. For those items which a statement is not available, you may refer to your checkbook or credit card statement to obtain the total amount. Questions regarding deductibility can be determined during the preparation of your the tax return.

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Our Pittstown office address is One Asher Smith Road, Pittstown, NJ 08867. The Phone number is 908-399-5200.